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Different Types of Pickup Trucks

Dive into the world of pickup trucks and discover the incredible diversity they offers.

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Pickup trucks have been around for a while. However, their purpose has evolved with time. In this article, we’ll explore the different types of pickup trucks, each with its unique features and capabilities.

Some are perfect for city driving and agricultural applications, while others are super strong for off-road adventures. Join us on a tour to discover what makes each type unique. 

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Whether you prefer sleek trucks for the city or tough ones for rough roads, we’ve got you covered. Let’s dive into the world of pickup trucks and discover what makes them awesome in their ways!

1. Luxury Pickup Trucks

Different Types of Pickup Trucks

Luxury? This shows that these vehicles have found their way into all spheres of society and for various purposes. Luxury features include devices and features in the cabin that provide luxury rather than performance features for the truck.

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It also consists of the fit and finish of the inside of the vehicle and different add-ons that make the trip more comfortable. The luxury variants of pickup trucks might be light-duty or heavy-duty trucks or any combination of these truck types. Because they come with so many more features, luxury models are typically more expensive.

Luxurious vehicles may come equipped with wood accents throughout the cabin, plush upholstery, and WiFi access for mobile phones. You may also find cutting-edge audio systems, heated seats, climate control, and sophisticated interior technology.

2. Light-Duty Pickup Trucks

This is also among the different types of pickup trucks. Local merchants working in the gardening and electrical industries and people who own pickup vehicles in cities and suburbs frequently use light-duty pickup trucks.

Different Types of Pickup Trucks

They often have shorter wheelbases, smaller load bins, and smaller engines. Light-duty trucks are primarily for on-road use, such as suburban streets and highways, rather than rough terrain. In addition, their interiors are equipped with equipment typically seen in mid-range S.U.V.s.

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Typically, these vehicles are limited to 2-wheel drive types, but due to the intended driving conditions, they may come equipped with all-terrain features like diff-lock. These vehicles are suitable for towing small to medium-sized boats and trailers, but their suspension would not be ideal for carrying big loads. Examples of light-duty pickup trucks are; Ford F-150, Chevrolet Silverado 1500, Ram 1500, Toyota Tundra, Nissan Titan, GMC Sierra 1500, Honda Ridgeline, Nissan Frontier, Chevrolet Colorado, and so on.

3. Medium-Duty Pickup Trucks

Medium-duty trucks are perfect for daily usage, providing an excellent size and power ratio. A wide range of people use these trucks for a variety of reasons. They are maneuverable, quick, and comparatively small. They even fit in standard garages!

These trucks are not any less powerful just because they are medium-sized. Compared to the other types of pickup trucks, they’re a lot of fun because of their small size and agility. In addition to having lots of space for the family and cargo, this kind of pickup truck is also easy to drive and park in urban areas. One can use them for daily tasks and haul freight.

Small pickups are typically easier to maneuver than other types of trucks on the road. They might be simpler to park and can squeeze through smaller places. Examples of these pickup trucks are; Ford F-250, Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD, Ram 2500, GMC Sierra 2500HD, and so on.

4. Heavy-Duty Pickup Trucks

Heavy-duty pickup trucks are one of a kind as they often have big engine capabilities in the form of massive displacement V8 engines. The suspensions installed in these vehicles allow them to handle larger loads than regular pickup models.

Different Types of Pickup Trucks

Fifth-wheel or caravan owners commonly use these powerful pickup trucks due to their remarkable towing capacity. In addition, you can use them to transport heavier boats and trailers for deliveries.

Most heavy-duty truck models come equipped with four-wheel drive, diff lock, and computerized off-road driving modes, making them suitable for off-road use. Pickup trucks in this category include; the Ford F-350, Chevrolet Silverado 3500HD, Ram 2500, Ram 3500, GMC Sierra 2500HD, GMC Sierra 3500HD, and so on.

5. Half-Ton Pickup Trucks

Among the different types of pickup trucks is the half-ton pickup truck. When a pickup truck is classified as half-ton, its load capacity and the weight of its passengers are considered.

Or simply put, the maximum load-carrying capability of the truck. The term “half-ton” does not refer to the truck’s weight. This usually indicates that the vehicle can transport 1000 pounds, or half a tonne, of cargo.

Although the word “half-ton” has come to refer to light-duty pickup vehicles, modern half-tons can typically handle loads greater than this. This means that even if a vehicle in this category can transport more than 1000 pounds, it still goes by this name.

The kind of suspension and load bin in the vehicle also limits the load capacity. These trucks are popular among city and suburban residents who don’t frequently move big loads.

You’ll also see them with city workers who require a vehicle to transport their equipment and supplies to and from job sites. Furthermore, the half-ton designation does not represent the vehicle’s maximum towing capacity; its towing capacity will be proportionate to its payload.

6. One-Ton

The term “one-ton pickup truck” describes the current class of heavy-duty pickup trucks. They’re also among the various types of pickup trucks. These pickups have big engines, axles, suspensions designed to support big loads, and stronger braking systems.

In addition, these vehicles have diesel engines to handle the loads they can tow or transport. Some models in this category have multiple rear wheels. While heavy-duty pickup trucks and one-ton trucks nowadays can typically haul loads much more than one tonne, the historical naming pattern for one-ton trucks is being maintained.

7. Three-Quarter Ton Pickup Trucks

In the past, a three-quarter-ton truck was a pickup truck with a maximum cargo capacity of three-quarters of a tonne. It was important for buyers to be aware of the pickup truck’s carrying capacity when they bought them as workhorses.

The truck got the name three-quarter-ton because it could accommodate a payload of 1500 pounds and a combined weight of passengers of 1500 pounds.

These trucks were referred to as medium-duty pickup trucks, and although the label “medium-duty” still applies to these trucks today, the trucks can haul much more than the 1500 pounds that the name implies.

8. Full-Size Pickup Trucks

The term “full-size pickup truck” describes heavy-duty or one-ton pickup trucks. Compared to other types of trucks, these trucks often feature larger engines, typically V8s, and much greater cabin room.

Full-sized pickup vehicles are perfect for off-road driving since they usually ride higher off the ground than other pickup trucks. To increase their off-road capacity, these trucks frequently include four or all-wheel drive options.

Many people choose a midsize or medium-duty pickup truck instead of a full-sized pickup truck because they are more costly.

9. Compact Pickup Trucks

The term compact pickup truck has varied meanings in different parts of the world. In certain regions, this implies that the pickup truck has a significantly smaller cargo bay and that the passenger compartment takes up most of the vehicle. The front end of these vehicles frequently resembles that of a sedan rather than a truck.

Another way to think of a compact pickup truck is as one of those incredibly light vehicles derived from sedan car models, with low ground clearance and designed primarily for city use. They usually only have two wheels; some even have front wheels instead of rear wheels. In addition, they have little petrol motors, usually between 1600 and 1800cc.

Compact pickup vehicles are the smallest among the pickup trucks and are usually for low-load transportation or by businesses to deliver small parcels. From a recreational perspective, some outdoor sports enthusiasts, such as those who go surfing or mountain biking, might use these cars to carry their gear.

10. Electric Pickup Trucks

It is only a matter of time before electric vehicles become more common in the pickup truck industry as they improve in durability, speed, power, and charging capabilities. Electric trucks combine the versatility and ruggedness of traditional trucks with the environmental benefits of electric power. These trucks are equipped with electric motors and large battery packs, providing impressive torque and acceleration. Several pickup truck manufacturers and new market participants have been developing electric models. Companies like Tesla, Rivian, and Ford lead the charge in this market. With their superb features, you might want to consider purchasing an electric car. 

11. Hybrid Pickup Trucks

A hybrid pickup truck is the most incredible option available since completely electric trucks are still a manufacturer’s dream that will arrive soon. This technology creates a hybrid car that combines the power of an electric motor and a combustion engine.

Since they don’t have as much power as their completely combustion-engined counterparts, hybrid pickup trucks are primarily light- and medium-duty models.

12. Chassis Cab Pickup Trucks

This is also among the different types of pickup trucks. A truck having a cab—typically a standard or extended cab—but no cargo box is known as a chassis cab pickup truck. This exposes the chassis where the load box normally sits.

Furthermore, this pickup truck is meant to have aftermarket equipment that fits into the chassis instead of a load box. These could be light-lifting cranes, flatbeds, tow truck equipment, or tank beds for transporting liquids.

In addition, these vehicles are designed more for business and agricultural applications than for everyday urban and suburban use by the general public.

13. Extended Cab

Extended cab pickup vehicles include both front and back seats, but only two full-sized front doors. Travellers usually lean the front seat forward and open the front door to access the back seats. This allows them to enter and exit the rear seat.

Rear-hinged little courtesy doors on certain extended cab versions make it simpler to reach the back seat. It is unnecessary to pull the front seat forward to access the rear seats on models with this tiny door. However, not all extended-cab vehicles have the courtesy door.

An extended cab pickup truck’s sitting capacity is often less roomy than a crew cab truck. Hence, it is m only suitable for occasional passenger transportation.

14. Crew Cab Pickup Trucks

You can also include the crew cab truck in the different types of pickup trucks. A crew cab pickup truck has four standard doors and enough room within the cab to hold five adults at most.

Typically, this was set with three passengers in the back seat and two people in the front, including the driver.

Its purpose is to accommodate the team you need for the task you have for your pickup truck, hence the name. These trucks’ cabs are generally fairly spacious inside, with more headroom than the space in a medium-sized sedan.

15. Regular Cab

Historically, pickup trucks and workhorses were built for load transportation rather than people carriers. As a result, they had cabs with restricted capacity.

Regular cab pickup vehicles adhere to this historical tradition by only having a cab that can seat two passengers, each with a bucket seat. If the truck has a bench seat in the cab, it can seat three persons, including the driver.

Numerous pickup truck manufacturers no longer provide regular cabs as an option in their vehicle ranges. This is because regular cabs are less popular with the general public.


In summary, many kinds of pickup trucks are designed for different uses. Whether you need a small or heavy-duty one for work, the various types of pickup trucks offer options to suit everyone’s needs and preferences.

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