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The Best Road Trip Vehicle for a Family of Six

From Home to Highway, Choosing the Best 6-Seater for Family Travel

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It is challenging to pick the best vehicle for a road trip, as many cars can withstand a long road trip. If you ever planned a road trip for a family, you’d agree that not every vehicle is designed for this use case. The list gets slimmer when picking the best road trip vehicle for a family of six. Not every car can offer plenty of room to accommodate a family of six with an engine powerful enough to drive them with their luggage. Only some SUVs, minivans, and a few off-road trucks fit this description. 

In addition to interior space and engine power, the ideal family trip vehicle is expected to offer several essential properties. This post describes the most important features to look out for when choosing. We also added our top pick of road trip vehicles for a medium-sized family. 

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Crucial Factors to Consider When Picking The Best Road Trip Vehicle For a Family of 6

Several vehicles offer excellent features; The BMW M5 Competition Sport is famous for its powerful engine, Toyota Corollas are reliable and have impressive fuel consumption, and the Range Rover Evoque offers an incredible interior – These vehicles are astonishing, however not ideal for the use case in question. 

Making the best choice in this situation necessitates ticking the right boxes in the list of factors to consider. We discuss the most critical factors when selecting the best road trip vehicle for a family of six. They are;

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1. Interior Space & Comfort 

For a family of 6, the minimum interior space expected for a vehicle to be selected should be three seat rows. This way, the vehicle can accommodate at least six adults comfortably. The car is also expected to offer good head and leg space between seats. It is also vital to consider luggage space; most families travel with plenty of luggage. 

2. Safety Features 

It is crucial to consider safety features when picking the best family vehicle for your road trips. Some families travel with children. The car you select must be built with essential safety features before making the list of options. An SUV or Minivan will make a perfect choice, considering safety requirements. 

3. Reliability 

We stated before that only some car engines have the power to drive six adults and luggage over long distances. Regarding engine performance for a road trip like this, you need a car with an engine that can travel long trips without breaking down. Also, depending on the destination, the vehicle may be required to travel hilly roads bearing the weight of its passengers and their luggage. Therefore, you must pick a car that suits the road you want. 

4. Infotainment and Technology

Recent vehicles usually come with a display screen that shows car information and entertains the user; hence the name, Infotainment. It’s a family road trip we’re talking about. If you travel with children, you will need entertainment, AC, heated seats, and child locks. Modern cars are even integrated to connect with smartphones. This helps the driver stay informed about the vital parameters of the vehicles. When selecting the best road trip vehicle for your family of 6, ensure that the infotainment system and other technological features are up to date. 

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5. Engine Power & Fuel Consumption 

For a road trip vehicle for a family of 6, a solid 6-cylinder engine will serve perfectly. Considering the weight, you may prefer a more powerful engine, but you don’t want one that will drink up fuel and leave you stranded far away from gas stations. It is essential to consider the fuel efficiency of a vehicle before selecting it for a long-distance trip. A fuel-efficient car with a  powerful engine is the ideal candidate for family road trips. The vehicles you choose must be able to bear the weight, offer a smooth ride, and consume less fuel without causing any problems on the road. 

The Best Road Trip Vehicle for a Family of Six

Picking the right vehicle for a road trip is always challenging. We considered several factors to conclude that the Toyota Sienna is the best road trip vehicle for a family of six. Other great choices include the Honda Odyssey, Hyundai Palisade, Toyota Highlander, Volvo C90, and more. Let’s dive into how we came to conclude.

Why The Toyota Sienna?

The Toyota Sienna debunks the popular opinion that all minivans are unattractive. Aside from the sleek exterior, Toyota Siennas offer crazy benefits for families. The minivan has a roomy interior, with newer versions offering more luxurious options. The Toyota Sienna is the ideal road trip vehicle for families primarily due to its spacious interior and high-performance engine. 

The vehicle is powered by a 3.5l V-6 engine with an 8-speed transmission AWD (all-wheel-drive). The interior is spacious with three rows of seats (can accommodate 7 adults comfortably), and luggage space behind. The last and middle rows of seats can be removed or folded for more luggage space. Every seat is super comfortable, with impressive head and leg spaces between them. 

Modern versions of the Toyota Sienna offer basic luxury features such as heated front seats, all-round body and feet ACs, and leather seat lock. The vehicle is superb, and with a perfect suspension for bumpy rides, your children will feel very little of the rough roads. Security features like a rear door and trunk power lock make this vehicle an excellent pick. It is fuel-efficient, durable, and soundproof. 

More Information

The infotainment system offers a 10-speaker JBL sound system, HD Radio, navigation on the standard 7-inch touchscreen display, Bluetooth, Apple CarPlay, Siri Eyes Free, and a wifi hotspot. You can also upgrade to get a rear-seat Blu-ray entertainment system and Driver Easy Speak (this feature allows drivers to speak to passengers in the rear using the stereo).

The Sienna performed well in the overall crash safety test from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. In addition, modern Siennas offer Toyota’s Safety Sense Suite. This includes lane departure warning, lane-keep assist, adaptive cruise control, and pre-collision warning to prevent crashes. Although less than most sedans, the minivan’s driving performance is remarkable. It is excellent, considering its size and fuel efficiency. 

The Toyota Sienna’s engine is reliable for extended road trips, offering a satisfactory interior and user safety. The minivan ticks the vital boxes, making it our top pick for the best road trip vehicles for a family of six. 

To wrap it up…

There are other essential factors you should consider that should be discussed in this post. The features and vehicles discussed above result from research to help you slim down the options. Toyota Sienna and Honda Odyssey are highly recommended for big family road trips. Sadly, at this point of technological advancement, EVs (electric vehicles) are not ideal for extended family road trips. We anticipate future modifications that EVs will travel longer, carrying more people and luggage, as the world battles against Global Warming.

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